Our comrades in Ukraine need our support now

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ALEX GORDON writes on the critical need for solidarity with the people of Ukraine from the labour movement as they fight against a corrupt regime

THIS coming Friday November 18, Liberation (formerly the Movement for Colonial Freedom) will host a public meeting at London’s Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell, with Ukrainian legislators, lawyers and academics talking about the continued descent of their country into authoritarianism and chaos.

2016 International meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

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ROBERT GRIFFITHS reports on the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

THIS year’s international meeting of Communist and Workers Parties at the end of October took place in Hanoi, Vietnam against a global background of economic slowdown, political upheaval, rising military tension, forced mass migrations and growing climate instability.

Recovery from the 2008-9 crash has been long, sluggish and uneven. In the advanced capitalist countries, where the financial meltdown began, the average annual growth rate is constant but low at 1.8 per cent.

Scottish Congress 2015: "For Class Politics & a Federal Republic"

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Capitalism is a system of exploitation that generates crisis, inequality, corruption, environmental degradation and war; and is innately incapable of solving most fundamental problems of humanity. "The capitalist monopoly corporations and the state apparatus which serves their interests are the main obstacles to progress on every front: economic, social, cultural and political.

World War One - Whose War Was It?

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Tam Kirby: musician, People's Assembly Scottish Executive member & member of the National Executive Committee of the British Communist Party, comes to Glasgow to present his talk on the Imperialist nature of the "Great War" or World War 1 - claimed to be "the war to end all wars".

The Spanish Civil War & International Brigades - John Foster

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3000 Young men from across Britain, many who were Communists or sympathetic to their cause, left relative safety at home to go and fight for the Republican Government of Spain who were being attacked by Franco's Fascist forces.

They formed International Brigades (Brigadas Internacionales) and fought heroically, aided by material support by the Soviet Union, who stepped in once it was clear that Fascist Germany and Italy were arming and enabling Franco. 600 were from Scotland.