AFRICA: Imperialism & Resistance!

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africa resistance to imperialism

Africa is an astonishingly rich continent in raw materials, many which are key in manufacturing modern IT devices. Sadly, that wealth is not finding it's way to ordinary Africans, but rather being siphoned off into the pockets of powerful rich multinational companies. These companies could be thought to follow in the footsteps of the slavers and the colonialists, seeing Africa and Africans as a way of making money or controlling other parts of the world.

Chile & Argentina: Resisting the Rightwing

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chile and argentina

When people talk about 9-11, it is important to clarify exactly "which one"? The first, in 1973, saw the removal of the Chilean government with the help of the USA, and the bringing in of a brutal dictatorship under Pinochet. In 1970, the CIA’s deputy director of plans wrote in a secret memo:

"It is firm and continuing policy that Allende be overthrown by a coup. ... It is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG [the U.S. government] and American hand be well hidden."

Communist Party: Report from Vietnam

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A report back from Kenny Coyle from his experiences in Socialist Vietnam. Kenny talks us through the history of this region, it's experiences of Western Imperialism and then in the aftermath it's attempts to build & develop an economy and society which works for all.
What of Vietnam today, and where is it in terms of a Vietnamese road to socialism? Do the Western powers still seek to intervene in this sovereign nation's affairs, particularly as it builds an alternative economic and political model?

May Day 2016: Celebrating the Easter Rising

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Comrades from the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) came to Glasgow for May Day 2016. This year was the centenary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, so our Irish comrades agreed to co-host a Centenary Celebration with the Communist Party in Scotland (CPB) at our Glasgow offices. It was followed by a great annual Red Bloc May Day Social, where much political discussion followed!

Focus on Ukraine - fascist militias, civil war & economic chaos

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Prof John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary, explains what is going on in the Ukraine. Ukraine is a country divided by a civil war that has already killed thousands. The country is also in economic chaos. Inflation is running at over 40 per cent. Average wages for those lucky enough to be employed are around £25 a week. Over half the population is living below the UN-determined poverty level. 

Nuclear attack on Hiroshima - why it was completely avoidable

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Organised by Scottish CND.
John Ainslie puts the nuclear attack on Hiroshima in its true historical context - making clear why the use in anger of these weapons of mass destruction were completely unnecessary. Rather, it would seem, much more sinister motives lay behind their use on crowded cities, e.g. looking to gaining the future upper-hand in a post-WW2 world & threatening their use again against other countries.

Hiroshima: 70 years since USA used the first Nuclear Weapon

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Civic reception by Glasgow City Council for CND on 70th  anniversary on the first use of Nuclear Weapons on a human population: the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Provost Sadie Docherty – Welcome

Reply by Dr Alan MacKinnon from Scottish CND

Reading of Japanese survivor’s account – Chris Dolan

Organised by Glasgow CND.

Imperialism in Ukraine & Venezuela

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The construction of anti-socialist NATO & the EU Capitalist club have seen mighty forces arrayed to frustrate any opposition to Western-based capitalist dominance across the world.

Control over world resources & markets is seen as paramount to the old Capitalist order of Western Europe & the United States of America.