Britain's Road to Socialism - Simon Steel

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What does it mean to be a Communist in modern day Britain? How do Communists work to achieve a revolutionary change in the society in which we live? How do Communists act in general and in broader alliances and groups? How important is education to a Communist?

The Communist Party of Britain's program is called Britain's Road to Socialism. Simon Steel, in charge of Marxist educational work and then Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party, leads off a discussion of this program for revolutionary change.



Iraq War from an Iraqi Communist Perspective

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The Iraq War and subsequent occupation was one of the defining events of the past decade. When it came to Iraqis slaughtered, the Americans and their allies blithely pointed out "we don't do body counts". The Lancet estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006.

As of April 29, 2008, the UNHCR estimated that over 4.7 million Iraqis have been displaced, with 2.7 million within Iraq and 2 million outside.

Marxism and the Asian Experience

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Marxism and the Asian Experience with Kenny Coyle. This meeting marks the publication of the new Communist pamphlet called "Asia, Imperialism and Resistance", written by Kenny who is resident in China.

The pamphlet covers south east and north east Asia (not the whole of the asian continent). The lessons learned there could be applied elsewhere.

Imperialism, Revolution and Ultra Leftism

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A  follow on from "Trotskyism: A rough guide", which investigated Ultra Leftism.
Now we look at how Ultra Leftism (much broader than just Trotskyist groups) misunderstands Imperialism.
Right opportunism: short term gains in place of long term aims & principles. 
Left opportunism: preserve abstract priciples rather than make short term compromises. Class struggle is more complex than their dogmatic strain allows.


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ANTI COMMUNISM & the Prague Declaration Movement. Powerful forces are at work to rewrite & distort the course of history, equating the horrors & sheer human cost of Fascism and war against it - with the experience of building Socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe. As glossy revisionist histories would have it, "two dictatorial sides of the same coin".

The Future of Marxism - an analysis and discussion

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This video could make you a Communist!

Indepth presentation and discussion on the development of Marxism in the 21st Century, and how to be an effective Communist campaigner in your work place and community. 

Class struggle is the motive for change.

Communists need to be where working people are organised - in Trade Unions in the workplaces, in Tennents Associations, in Community groups, even if they are very rudimentary, even if they need to be built up. They have to be built on real experience.