London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid

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Edited by Ken Keable (CPB) with an introduction by Ronnie Kasrils (SACP) and a foreword by Pallo Jordan (ANC).
All Royalties from this book will go to The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

The history of the Anti-Apartheid movement brings up images of boycotts and public campaigns in the UK. But another story went on behind the scenes, in secret, one that has been never told before.

The UCS Work In - John Foster

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The UCS Work In was a turning point in history at a British level. It was a heroic victory of the Scottish working class, led by shop stewards many of whom were Communists.

Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) was a British shipbuilding consortium created in 1968 as a result of the amalgamation of five major shipbuilders of the River Clyde in Scotland. It entered liquidation amidst much controversy in 1971, leading to a famous "work-in" campaign at the company's shipyards, led by a number of Communist shop stewards, incuding Jimmy Airlie and Jimmy Reid.

Video: The Case For Communism

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Marc Livingstone, Chairperson of the Communist Party in Scotland and also Communist Candidate in the General and Scottish elections, sets out the case against Capitalism first, and then goes on to speak to the benefits of Communism. Finally, the floor was open for anyone to ask questions, so a session of discussion on the points raised finishes the video.

Women, Class and the Commodification of Sex

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Professor Mary Davis, lecturer, campaigner, trade unionist, Communist and author of the important Marxist works "Comrade or Brother" and "Women & Class", addressed an evening audience after giving a special guest lecture in Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow November 2010.

In a presentation which was kept short to maximise audience discussion, Prof Davis gives a Marxist analysis of the role of women in historical and modern Capitalist society, focusing also on exploitation through prostitution and the commodification of sex.

Scottish Communism & Red Clydeside

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Willie Gallacher was Communist MP for West Fife for many years. Our speaker Jim Whyte was Scottish Secretary of the Young Communist League and helped in Gallacher's political campaigning. Jim is in a unique position to speak from his first hand knowledge of a great leader of Red Clydeside who had it out with Lenin in Russia, but who eventually came round to Lenin's way of thinking!

After the EU - Unite for a Left Government

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Video of a very successful public meeting held in Glasgow City Centre to discuss & examine the advancing Socialism after the EU Referendum.
Tam Kirby from the Communist Party and Vince Mills from the Labour Party Campaign for Socialism were our speakers, chaired by Sandra Trotter of the Communist Party Fife Branch & UNISON trade union activist.
Recorded on Wednesday, 6 July 2016 in Glasgow.

Twelve myths about the EU

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Twelve myths about the EU

The 12 myths include many comments from political figures and the media, and can be a source of concern for people. Here are the often cited claims, which are each answered fully and confidently from the facts. Some may surprise you - please download a free digital copy and share with friends.