Britain's Communist Heritage

STV: The scots volunteers who fought in Spanish civil war

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Part of the Live at 5 series on Scottish TV. A look back at the International Brigade and the Scots who fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, with author Daniel Gray. Filmed at the famous La Pasionaria statue by the River Clyde, and in the nearby Communist Party office (Unity Office) in Glasgow City Centre.

UCS Work In - John Foster in Clydebank

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The UCS Work In was a heroic victory of the Scottish working class, led by shop stewards many of whom were Communists.

Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) was a British shipbuilding consortium created in 1968 as a result of the amalgamation of five major shipbuilders of the River Clyde in Scotland. It entered liquidation amidst much controversy in 1971, leading to a famous "work-in" campaign at the company's shipyards, led by a number of Communist shop stewards, incuding Jimmy Airlie and Jimmy Reid.

May Day 2016: Celebrating the Easter Rising

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Comrades from the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) came to Glasgow for May Day 2016. This year was the centenary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, so our Irish comrades agreed to co-host a Centenary Celebration with the Communist Party in Scotland (CPB) at our Glasgow offices. It was followed by a great annual Red Bloc May Day Social, where much political discussion followed!

Scottish Communism & Red Clydeside

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Willie Gallacher was Communist MP for West Fife for many years. Our speaker Jim Whyte was Scottish Secretary of the Young Communist League and helped in Gallacher's political campaigning. Jim is in a unique position to speak from his first hand knowledge of a great leader of Red Clydeside who had it out with Lenin in Russia, but who eventually came round to Lenin's way of thinking!

90 Years Strong

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History is not neutral, nor should it be seen as in the past. A lot can be learnt about how to fight today's challenges by examining how previous generations went about fighting similar attacks from the ruling class. Many of these were struggles conducted in even worse conditions than we face today.

Most histories of the Communist Party (CP) in Britain have been written from a hostile right-wing or far-left stance. During the cold war that hostility turned into downright lies and distortion.