How the Russian Revolution Influenced the Left in Britain & Scotland

with Professor John Foster 

This video lays out how the Left across Britain (and Scotland) organised together in the time when the Russian Revolution rocked the world. This led ultimately to the formation of the Communist Party in Britain, a Party which brought together working class activists armed with experiences of struggle which were fully expressed by the emerging Marxism-Leninism in theory and practice.

The Russian Revolution, which began with the downfall of the tsar in February and climaxed with the overthrow of the Provisional Government in October, is a historic event that cannot be confined to the past. Reverberations from October 1917, a political earthquake that gave rise to the world’s first socialist state, are still felt around the globe today.

Recorded as part of the 2017 Novemeber Scottish Labour History Society Conference on the Centenary of the Russian Revolution, which Prof Foster couldn't attend in person as he was in attendence at the national official Russian Revolution Centenary commemoration in London, looking after international comrades from across the world as part of his role as the International Secretary of the British Communist Party .