Work and Trade Unions

Should I join a Trade Union?

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YES, you should, especially if you’re an employee and certainly if there’s a trade union branch at your workplace and you should do so for a variety of reasons, from personal to political.

Membership will give you protection if things go wrong and provide other material benefits. It will enable you to work with others to make your workplace safer and better. And it is the means by which you can, collectively, protect your wages and secure an improvement in your standard of living.

Memoirs of a Militant - Kevin Halpin

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One of Britain's leading communists, Kevin Halpin has been a fighter all his life.
As a child in Preston, he fought the poverty that saw his grandmother die in the workhouse. After the death of his mother, seven-year-old Kevin fought an increasingly harsh father. At school, he fought the teachers who dished out six of the best for questioning religion, and in the streets, he was a champion scrapper.

The UCS Work In - John Foster

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The UCS Work In was a turning point in history at a British level. It was a heroic victory of the Scottish working class, led by shop stewards many of whom were Communists.

Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) was a British shipbuilding consortium created in 1968 as a result of the amalgamation of five major shipbuilders of the River Clyde in Scotland. It entered liquidation amidst much controversy in 1971, leading to a famous "work-in" campaign at the company's shipyards, led by a number of Communist shop stewards, incuding Jimmy Airlie and Jimmy Reid.