Kenny Coyle, respected Marxist analyst and British Communist residing in China, gives his insights into a landmark People's Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China in late 2017. Cutting through much of the wilful or accidental ignorance of much of Western media's reportage, Kenny with a Marxist eye guides us in the reality of the situation which is sadly lacking in biased & trivialised Western media outlets. A public event organised and videoed by the Communist Party in Britain, Scottish Committee, Glasgow

ROBERT GRIFFITHS reviews the recent international meeting of communist and workers’ parties in Russia.

Since 1999, communist and workers’ parties from across the world have met every year to exchange news and views, hold bilateral discussions with one another and endorse statements setting out common positions on particular issues.

A working group meets in between meetings to prepare the agenda and issue the appeals and declarations agreed by all present at the event. It also recommends acceptance or rejection of applications by more parties every year to join the proceedings.

The host party is responsible for providing all necessary facilities for the hundreds of representatives who arrive from all corners of the world — some of them in defiance of their illegal status at home, where communist parties are persecuted and banned.

Past venues for the annual gathering have included Athens, New Delhi, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Minsk and Beirut.

On November 2-3 this year, fittingly enough, representatives from 103 parties in 78 countries converged on Leningrad (now known by its pre-1914 name of St Petersburg), which as the Russian capital Petrograd was the epicentre of the 1917 Socialist Revolution.

The State of modern Germany

Victor Grossman in the only person to have graduated from both Harvard and Karl Marx University. As a young leftist in the United States where the Cold War was being engineered, communists were facing increasing government hostility and harassment. 

The Korea War was seeing young men called up, and Victor was enlisted in the US Army and sent to Europe. In 1952 the Pentagon sent him a letter showing that they knew his politics (they left out his membership of the CPUSA probably to hide the extent of their infiltration). Facing the possibility of up to 2005 years in prison, he travelled to Austria under Western powers, and managed to present himself to the Soviet Red Army. He then settled in the German Democratic Republic and became a journalist.

He still lives in East Berlin and writes with a keen eye about the current political scene. A large part of his discussions were about modern day Germany and the perils people face as Capitalism lurches in need of scapegoats and solutions - which often involve militarism and imperialist expansionism, as demonstrated by that great son of Germany Karl Marx.

Read his Berlin Bulletin here:

Africa is an astonishingly rich continent in raw materials, many which are key in manufacturing modern IT devices. Sadly, that wealth is not finding it's way to ordinary Africans, but rather being siphoned off into the pockets of powerful rich multinational companies. These companies could be thought to follow in the footsteps of the slavers and the colonialists, seeing Africa and Africans as a way of making money or controlling other parts of the world.

In modern times, Africa has sought to throw off the shackles of Western colonialism in it's struggle for liberation. 

Prof John Foster, International Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, leads us through the early history of Africa and the devastating impact of slavery where a third of working age people were removed.
From there we discover the colonial rush to control swathes of Africa for raw materials, and the great Scramble for Africa by the European powers. Artificial states were created by these European colonialists, in order to secure resource rich pockets for themselves.

When people talk about 9-11, it is important to clarify exactly "which one"? The first, in 1973, saw the removal of the Chilean government with the help of the USA, and the bringing in of a brutal dictatorship under Pinochet. In 1970, the CIA’s deputy director of plans wrote in a secret memo:

"It is firm and continuing policy that Allende be overthrown by a coup. ... It is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG [the U.S. government] and American hand be well hidden."

That same year President Nixon ordered the CIA to "make the economy scream" in Chile to "prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him." 

Rab Paterson has visited Latin America in 1995, 2012 and in 2016. He reports back what he saw of rising militancy amongst some workers, resisting the increasingly rightwing political & economic situation where pensions are decimated and education is unaffordable, unemployment is rampant and poverty lives side by side with the extreme wealth of the ruling class.

A report back from Kenny Coyle from his experiences in Socialist Vietnam. Kenny talks us through the history of this region, it's experiences of Western Imperialism and then in the aftermath it's attempts to build & develop an economy and society which works for all.
What of Vietnam today, and where is it in terms of a Vietnamese road to socialism? Do the Western powers still seek to intervene in this sovereign nation's affairs, particularly as it builds an alternative economic and political model?

Remember, this is the country which expelled the French colonialists in 1954 against all the odds and against a much better armed military.
Then in 1973 the Vietnamese National Liberation Front led by Ho Chi Minh defeated a USA invasion of their country, a Western war of aggression which decimated the Vietnamese population and which also devastated their environment by US use of chemical weaponsas well as standard bombs.

Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland on 21st September 2016.

Comrades from the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) came to Glasgow for May Day 2016. This year was the centenary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, so our Irish comrades agreed to co-host a Centenary Celebration with the Communist Party in Scotland (CPB) at our Glasgow offices. It was followed by a great annual Red Bloc May Day Social, where much political discussion followed!

Joe Law from the CPI spoke of some of the recent history in Ireland, and what forces have shaped Ireland to the present day. He also shared his own experiences growing up in Ireland, and what it means to be an effective trade unionist and a Communist working in communities divided by many factors such as religious background & national identity. Communists like himself and James Connolly knew that it was in the interests of the ruling class to play worker off against worker on the basis of these factors, whereas the way to win was and still is uniting around class politics as fellow workers. 

Keith Stoddart from the Communist Party (CPB) gives an introduction showing how a Marxist from Edinburgh - James Connolly - played a huge role not just in Scotland, but in the States & is especially remembered for his part in the Irish Easter Rising.

The construction of anti-socialist NATO & the EU Capitalist club have seen mighty forces arrayed to frustrate any opposition to Western-based capitalist dominance across the world.

Control over world resources & markets is seen as paramount to the old Capitalist order of Western Europe & the United States of America.

Events in the Ukraine in Eastern Europe & Venezuela on the other side of the world in Latin America - show that the far-reaching tentacles of Imperial control, ambition & manipulation are reaching out to ensnare & frustrate the best that everyone wants for their own country.

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