A report back from Kenny Coyle from his experiences in Socialist Vietnam. Kenny talks us through the history of this region, it's experiences of Western Imperialism and then in the aftermath it's attempts to build & develop an economy and society which works for all.
What of Vietnam today, and where is it in terms of a Vietnamese road to socialism? Do the Western powers still seek to intervene in this sovereign nation's affairs, particularly as it builds an alternative economic and political model?

Remember, this is the country which expelled the French colonialists in 1954 against all the odds and against a much better armed military.
Then in 1973 the Vietnamese National Liberation Front led by Ho Chi Minh defeated a USA invasion of their country, a Western war of aggression which decimated the Vietnamese population and which also devastated their environment by US use of chemical weaponsas well as standard bombs.

Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland on 21st September 2016.