The history of the Anti-Apartheid movement brings up images of boycotts and public campaigns in the UK. But another story went on behind the scenes, in secret, one that has been never told before.

This is the story of the foreign recruits and their activities in South Africa, how they acted in defiance of the Apartheid government and its police on the instructions of the African National Congress. It tells of:
" ANC Banners that unfurled
" ANC speeches that sounded through public places
" Buckets that exploded and showered ANC leaflets
" Transportation of weapons, communications, logistics
" Helping ANC fighters to enter South Africa,
" and more.....

Many recruits were Young Communists, others were Trotskyists or independent socialists; from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the USA, and they all took amazing risks.
Some paid a heavy price for their support. This is their untold story.

Ken Keable adds, re the video:
"Ronnie Kasrils has corrected me on one point that I made in the video: "All The costs were met by the Soviet Union." He says that the ANC also had many other sources of funding besides the Soviet Union. He says, "Other countries in Africa, India, Scandinavia, Cuba etc. and NGOs such as International Defence & Aid contributed enormously as did individual supporters." I am happy to acknowledge this. When I went on my two missions to South Africa, I was under the impression that my own costs had been met by a Soviet source (which they may well have been) and that was part of the basis for my remark."
All Royalties from this book will go to The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

The construction of anti-socialist NATO & the EU Capitalist club have seen mighty forces arrayed to frustrate any opposition to Western-based capitalist dominance across the world.

Control over world resources & markets is seen as paramount to the old Capitalist order of Western Europe & the United States of America.

Events in the Ukraine in Eastern Europe & Venezuela on the other side of the world in Latin America - show that the far-reaching tentacles of Imperial control, ambition & manipulation are reaching out to ensnare & frustrate the best that everyone wants for their own country.

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