Filmed in March 2012 - at a time when Western NATO nations & media were focusing on challenging certain governments, whilst hypocritically helping protect some of the most corrupt & dictatorial governments in the region - simply because they were deemed to be pro-NATO already.

What are the forces at large in the region? What does it mean for the future of people in the Middle east, and are we seeing an era of our Western nations engaging in yet more war & bloodshed? 

Speaker: the late Dr Alan MacKinnon

Marxist theoretician & British Communist Party member resident in China, Kenny Coyle brings Marxist analysis to bare on China and it's developments. Does the trajectory that China is forging ahead on in modernising and developing its economy, lead to Socialism?

Whilst avoiding the simplistic & historically biased attitude to many on the Western Left on Revolutionary China, Kenny Coyle urges us to use the tools of Marxism to analyse the complex and many faceted aspects of modern China in the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.
Recorded in 2008 as ironically the Western Capitalist system hit yet another endemic economic crisis, which has shown the determination of an ideological assault on working people and our hard earned rights & conditions, where the ruling Capitalist class is making the working class pay for Capitalism's flaws & economic chaos.

Theresa McDermott from the Free Gaza Campaign and Kenny Coyle from the Communist Party.



Recorded Friday 5th September 2014, Glasgow, Scotland at a Communist Party public meeting.

Kenny Coyle takes us through the issues of the war raging in Syria and how the Left in Britain should be fighting the cause of anti-Imperialism in the Middle East, and that we the West have been intervening for far too long. 

Also the Morning Star featured a number of articles by Kenny on this topic, entitled:

  • Let's get a sense of proportion
  • Ba'ath: 65 years on
  • Tightening the noose
  • A marriage of convenience hits the rocks
  • Seeds of the Syrian storm
  • Imperial legacy that created modern Syria
  • Making sense of Syria


Further Discussion

2012 was the year of the London Olympics. Few can forget the campaign of vilification run by the West during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 over the subject of Tibet.

Portraying pre-Revolutionary Tibet as a kind of Shangri-La and modern day Tibet as a colonial hell hole, Western Imperialism and its media has turned reality, literally, on its head. This "cause" was then taken up by many Western liberals who swallowed most of the propaganda. This propaganda was fed from the direction of well-funded anti-Communist groups & the CIA's favourite millionaire monk and his myth factory - the Dalai Lama!

Kenny Coyle, resident in China, takes us through the facts relating to Tibet + China. Kenny deals with legitimate concerns raised and he counteracts many of the frankly racist myths against Han Chinese head on, giving the real story of feudal historical and modern prosperous Tibet in China.

This was a British Communist Party public meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. It was held in 2008/09.


An excellent & wide ranging report back from a Cuba Solidarity Campaign trip to Cuba in 2010 by Jim Whyte, life long British Communist and retired Trade Union studies lecturer.

From the Cuban health service, education, economy, revolutionary councils, elections, democracy, reforms - right up to the state of some of the taxi serrvices - Jim tells it as he saw it from his considerable experience in the worker's movement.

Filmed in the STUC, 2011.

Cuba's new ambassador to the UK has given her first public speech since taking on the post to the 51st Congress of the Communist Party of Britain.
Her Excellency Esther Armenteros Cardenas brought greetings from the Cuban CC Central Committee at a time when "humankind is faced with the most serous challenges and dangers in history". And she also gave Congress delegates a personal take on her own revolutionary path.

It's not often you hear an experienced diplomat say "I come from a very working class background." Esther Cardenas immediately engaged the meeting by detailing her career as an ambassador at the UN and in Africa before pointing out, "Before the revolution there was not the slightest idea of a black Cuban having a diplomatic career. For any girl there were few options. If you were black there were less. I owe my career 100% to the Cuban revolution and the hard work of my parents."

Cardenas, who trained as a journalist before embarking on her diplomatic career, said "I feel very honoured to have been invited here", before pausing to point out "I only arrived two weeks ago and I am still trying to sort out my house!" She said that being in Europe was a new experience which meant she had much homework to do, "but with friends like you that will be easy".

She also told delegates that "we appreciate very much your solidarity with Cuba, and we thank you very much for it". In her formal address she drew attention to Cuba's role in sharing its experience with the emerging group of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean who are adopting a socialist perspective. "We will continue to support the struggle of those who see socialism as the most just and sustainable alternative to the savagery represented by capitalism," she said. "We are convinced that this is the right path towards a world of equity and sovereignty in the face of the prevailing world order."

She ended by wishing the 51st Congress success and underlining "our commitment to struggle together for a better and possible world convinced that victory is attained with unity and with the strength of principles held by both our parties."

Full text of the speech.

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