The working class in Britain is not only made up of white, male, middle-aged, manual workers. Whilst some of the most class-conscious, politicised sections of the working class are those working for capitalist employers in manufacturing, transport, energy, construction etc. Over the last thirty years all workers (especially in the public sector) have become increasingly exploited under capitalism and have becoming increasingly organised and ready to take action in defence of their class interests.

But the working class extends beyond this to all those who sell their labour power and are exploited directly or indirectly by the capitalist class, whether in the past, present or future. More than 80 per cent of Britain's population can be classified as part of the working class.

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Professor Mary Davis, lecturer, campaigner, trade unionist, Communist and author of the important Marxist works "Comrade or Brother" and "Women & Class", addressed an evening audience after giving a special guest lecture in Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow November 2010.

In a presentation which was kept short to maximise audience discussion, Prof Davis gives a Marxist analysis of the role of women in historical and modern Capitalist society, focusing also on exploitation through prostitution and the commodification of sex.

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