Dr Alan MacKinnon (former Chair of Scottish CND) & Johnnie Hunter (Scottish Organiser of the Young Communist League) explore whats on offer in the Independence Referendum in 2014 set out by the SNP government.

The meeting lauched a CPB pamphlet of the same name, which can be bought for £1 at Unity Books.
There are those on the Left who think that separation is a magic shortcut to socialism, and who see the splitting up of the British working class along nationalist lines as an asset to strive for rather than a massive setback in the fight against a huge cuts agenda.
What does Independence in the capitalist club, the European Union, actually mean?
Perhaps there are even those who think that the Scots are somehow more progressive than the rest of Britain?

A Marxist and class analysis is needed and is largely lacking in the general discourse even on the Left. As communists, we bring that analysis to the table and insist that we look at reality, rather than any flowery sentiment or wishful thinking. That is what we need to make the correct decision as a nation moving forward.