Peace and anti-War

The nuclear standoff with North Korea reminds KEITH FLETT of Britain’s resistance to the bomb

The recent crisis over North Korean nuclear weapons — which many feel is more of a crisis of having an unpredictable, hard-right politician called Donald Trump in the White House — will be the first time large numbers of people have felt that the world, and with it their own lives, could all end rather quickly in a nuclear war.

Those of us of advanced age remember that there have been many such episodes where the survival of all life on Earth hung in the balance since the United States bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Medical impact of nuclear weapons – Dr Alan Mackinnon

Music – Arthur Johnston leads a number of Peace and anti-Nuclear songs which have inspired activists across the years.

Part of the Hiroshima 70th Anniversary which took part in Glasgow, organised by Scottish CND.

John Ainslie puts the nuclear attack on Hiroshima in its true historical context - making clear why the use in anger of these weapons of mass destruction were completely unnecessary. Rather, it would seem, much more sinister motives lay behind their use on crowded cities, e.g. looking to gaining the future upper-hand in a post-WW2 world & threatening their use again against other countries.

Eddie McGuire, acclaimed musician and world famous composer, plays a popular Japanese song which was well know to all Japanese, especially children, at the time of the nuclear bombing - a fitting backdrop to meditate on the human cost of these nuclear weapons, which were only a tiny fraction of the strength of the ones ready for launch today. Organised by Scottish CND.

Filmed in March 2012 - at a time when Western NATO nations & media were focusing on challenging certain governments, whilst hypocritically helping protect some of the most corrupt & dictatorial governments in the region - simply because they were deemed to be pro-NATO already.

What are the forces at large in the region? What does it mean for the future of people in the Middle east, and are we seeing an era of our Western nations engaging in yet more war & bloodshed? 

Speaker: the late Dr Alan MacKinnon

Tam Kirby: musician, People's Assembly Scottish Executive member & member of the National Executive Committee of the British Communist Party, comes to Glasgow to present his talk on the Imperialist nature of the "Great War" or World War 1 - claimed to be "the war to end all wars".

Multiple millions of young working class lives were destroyed - either killed, mutilated physically or severely affected mentally, or simply "missing" with no remains left. So the natural question would seem to be - what was it all about? And whose war was it? 

Claims that the assassination of a minor royal figure sparked off a conflict on this scale make no sense - Imperial ambitions were at play, and these same forces which still to this day demand that young working men and women are called upon by the rich and powerful to risk and lay down their lives for less than noble reasons.

This talk really helps to put pay to the current attempts of portraying World War 1 as a "fight for freedom", by bringing out the actual context of events and the forces at play. It is full of useful historical & educational material that help inform us about events happening today!

A Young Communist League film. Featuring Johnnie Hunter (YCL Scottish Organiser) & Dr Alan MacKinnon (Chair of Scottish CND). With the British Establishment attempting to turn 2014 into a celebration of the start of WW1 & portray the Great War as a noble & unavoidable conflict fought to preserve "freedom", obvious parallels begin to emerge between 1914 and the seemingly endless wars that are being waged in the past decade or so.
As these wars are being waged - it's today's youth who are expected to do the fighting, relying disproportionately on youth who are desperate for employment of any kind, especially when it is tied in with offers of education and travel. 

Today's Communist Youth, today as in the period of the first World War, oppose these Imperialist Wars and we seek to expose the class forces, economics & power which are at play and which demand war & control of world resources, markets and people in order to maintain the Capitalist system.

The Iraq War and subsequent occupation was one of the defining events of the past decade. When it came to Iraqis slaughtered, the Americans and their allies blithely pointed out "we don't do body counts". The Lancet estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006.

As of April 29, 2008, the UNHCR estimated that over 4.7 million Iraqis have been displaced, with 2.7 million within Iraq and 2 million outside.

The Iraqi Communist Party was one of the fiercest opponents of Saddam Hussein while he was still a western-backed dictator. This meeting was recorded in 2007 with one of these comrades. The recording of this fine meeting was thought to be lost but was recently rediscovered. It is newly uploaded here.

2011. The Iraqi Communist Party is still technically legal but has faced many obstacles - from vote rigging against it in elections to the assassination of its militants.  There were many arrests earlier in 2011 when it, as part of a wider alliance, it organised mass demonstrations in central Baghdad  against corruption and the erosion of living standards and welfare.  The trade union movement where it has many members has also faced legal bans over the past year.