ANTI COMMUNISM & the Prague Declaration Movement.

Powerful forces are at work to rewrite & distort the course of history, equating the horrors & sheer human cost of Fascism and war against it - with the experience of building Socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe. As glossy revisionist histories would have it, "two dictatorial sides of the same coin".

Phil Katz, who's family hailed from areas affected by Nazism, speaks with knowledge and experience in the Scottish launch of his book in Freedom From Tyranny: The Fight Against Fascism and the Falsification of History
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As the last generations remembering the victory against Fascism now grow few, those who have an axe to grind against Communists now organise under the Prague Declaration. Some of these same people campaign for the swastika to be decriminalised in the name of freedom, while the hammer and sickle and 5 pointed star remain criminalised. 

1945 - the victory of Freedom and for all People, is now contested domain.

1945 - the victory of Freedom and for all People, is now contested domain.

Popular Communist Parties such as in the Czech Republic and Young Communist League are harrased and threatened with legal action and banning. Viciously anti-Socialist governments try to bring in the notorious "3rd Resistance" Act, which makes all the opponents of Socialist governments equal in standing with those who risked their lives fighting Fascism! This video also covers and answers the so called "double genocide" accusations - a "dishonest and historically false .....poisonous idea taken such deep root" as some have called it (Guardian 14 Sept 2010).