Young men from across Britain, many who were Communists or sympathetic to their cause, left relative safety at home to go and fight for the Republican Government of Spain who were being attacked by Franco's Fascist forces.
They formed International Brigades (Brigadas Internacionales) and fought heroically, aided by material support by the Soviet Union, who stepped in once it was clear that Fascist Germany and Italy were arming and enabling Franco.

But today there are those who wish to distort this memory and muddy the waters. Now that all the International Brigaders have passed on, today many people's first encounter with tales of the Civil War could be via Ken Loach's very controversal film "Land and Freedom" or through anti-Communist George Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia".

We hope this small video can go some way to readdressing the historical balance & understanding that we have through the International Brigaders.