Marxism and the Asian Experience with Kenny Coyle. This meeting marks the publication of the new Communist pamphlet called "Asia, Imperialism and Resistance", written by Kenny who is resident in China.

The pamphlet covers south east and north east Asia (not the whole of the asian continent). The lessons learned there could be applied elsewhere.

Development and adaption of Marxism by Asian comrades has been very important. Marxism has been important in Asia and has been applied there. The British left is particularly ignorant of the struggle in Asia, particularly the sectarian (ultra) Left which looks down its nose at it. The Communists are the ones who try not to under estimate the contribution of Asian Marxists and their contribution to Marxism as a whole.

Discussion of Marx's investigations into why capitalism emerged in Western society and not in the East with 1,000's of years of civilisation. Historical Materialism. Asiatic mode of production (AMP) debate.

Rising China - run by a Party that is Communist, is dedicated to the building of Marxism Leninism. Martin Jacques and co predicted 20 years ago that class struggle was over, the Capitalist "West" had won. Fundamental shift. balance of forces world wide. Communists previous shift was the collapse of Socialist countries in 1989 - "End of history". Now documentaries on decline of the "West". A realignment, time to reassess our understanding of Asia.

Marx - the research material he had to hand on Asia, which he never visited, was full of biases of the time. Yet supported anti colonial struggles. Initially thought that Capitalism would revolutionise these societies, quickly saw that they were doing the opposite and undermining their own industrial development. Pre-dates Lenin's understanding of Imperialism.
Marx saw that
1) Asia didn't developed in exactly the same way as the West
2) Western Capital domination was undermining their development & living standards
3) Oppressed peoples struggles should be supported there.
Arguments to bare in mind with today's NATO Imperialist aggression.

Lenin & Imperialism.