CP Ireland letter of thanks for "truly remarkable" International Women’s Day

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Communist Party Ireland


Dear everyone,

I am writing on behalf of the Communist Party of Ireland to say thank you so much for making the 8th of March 2017 a truly remarkable day. This fitted in with all the other events on the programme that took place to mark IWD.

In thanking you I am thanking those who sang, played music, or told a story. For the Booklet launch (Breaking the Chains-Connolly Writings on Women, 2nd edition-Written by Margaret Bruton, Madge Davison, Hazel Morrissey, Lynda Walker and Jenny Williams) Launched by Lynda and Jenny with Connolly’s Rebel Song sung by Brenda O’ Riordan.

Messages of solidarity from Angela Davis, Patricia McKeown, UNISON; Kellie O’Dowd, Alliance 4 Choice; Maura Murphy, Mandate (Tesco strike) and Kerry Fleck Communist Party of Ireland.

Music, song and the craic: Francis Crickard, Dearbhla McTaggart; Deidre McAliskey, Kellie Turtle, Pol McAadaim and Mel Corry. And mention must be made of Herman who brought Edwina along to the event.

Thanks also to those who did the technical and other work, sound and camera, the door and the book stall. The women’s, community, trade union activists, students and academics.

Of course many more were involved on the 8th and the 9th with Reclaim the Agenda and Queens University. Those that came from Cork, Glasgow, Dunfries, Sheffield, Dublin, Donegall, Sligo, Leeds, Derry, Dungiven, Dundalk, Monaghan, Armagh, Lurgan and who knows where.

Angela Davis is a good friend of ours and spoke some wise words. This is my quote for the 21st century:

The challenge of the twenty-first century is not to demand equal opportunity to participate in the machinery of oppression. Rather, it is to identify and dismantle those structures in which racism (and class) exploitation continues to be embedded. This is the only way the promise of freedom can be extended to the masses of people. Angela Y Davis.

I sincerely hope that we can continue to mark International Women’s Day with the respect that it deserves.

All the best for now. With love and friendship. Lynda

Angela Davis in Ireland
Angela Davis at International Women's Day in Ireland

“The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

― Ernesto Che Guevara