World War One - Whose War Was It?

Submitted by Administrator on Sun, 01/11/2015 - 13:34

Tam Kirby: musician, People's Assembly Scottish Executive member & member of the National Executive Committee of the British Communist Party, comes to Glasgow to present his talk on the Imperialist nature of the "Great War" or World War 1 - claimed to be "the war to end all wars".

Multiple millions of young working class lives were destroyed - either killed, mutilated physically or severely affected mentally, or simply "missing" with no recorded remains left. So the natural question would seem to be - what was it all about? And whose war was it anyway?

Claims that the assassination of a minor royal figure sparked off a conflict on this scale make no sense - Imperial ambitions were at play, and these same forces which still to this day demand that young working men and women are called upon by the rich and powerful to risk and lay down their lives for less than noble reasons.

This talk really helps to put pay to the current attempts by the Establishment of portraying World War 1 as a "fight for freedom", by bringing out the actual context of events and the forces at play. It is full of useful historical facts & fascinating educational material that help inform us about many of the endless conflicts and political maneuverings "in our National interests" today!