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Nuclear attack on Hiroshima - why it was completely avoidable

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Organised by Scottish CND.
John Ainslie puts the nuclear attack on Hiroshima in its true historical context - making clear why the use in anger of these weapons of mass destruction were completely unnecessary. Rather, it would seem, much more sinister motives lay behind their use on crowded cities, e.g. looking to gaining the future upper-hand in a post-WW2 world & threatening their use again against other countries.

Hiroshima: 70 years since USA used the first Nuclear Weapon

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Civic reception by Glasgow City Council for CND on 70th  anniversary on the first use of Nuclear Weapons on a human population: the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Provost Sadie Docherty – Welcome

Reply by Dr Alan MacKinnon from Scottish CND

Reading of Japanese survivor’s account – Chris Dolan

Organised by Glasgow CND.

The Middle East: Arab Spring or New Era of Intervention & War?

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Filmed in March 2012 - at a time when Western NATO nations & media were focusing on challenging certain governments, whilst hypocritically helping protect some of the most corrupt & dictatorial governments in the region - simply because they were deemed to be pro-NATO already.

What are the forces at large in the region? What does it mean for the future of people in the Middle east, and are we seeing an era of our Western nations engaging in yet more war & bloodshed? 

WW1 - Whose War was It?

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Tam Kirby: musician, People's Assembly Scottish Executive member & member of the National Executive Committee of the British Communist Party, comes to Glasgow to present his talk on the Imperialist nature of the "Great War" or World War 1 - claimed to be "the war to end all wars".

WW1 - Opposing Imperialist Wars: Then & Now

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A Young Communist League film. Featuring Johnnie Hunter (YCL Scottish Organiser) & Dr Alan MacKinnon (Chair of Scottish CND). With the British Establishment attempting to turn 2014 into a celebration of the start of WW1 & portray the Great War as a noble & unavoidable conflict fought to preserve "freedom", obvious parallels begin to emerge between 1914 and the seemingly endless wars that are being waged in the past decade or so.

Iraq War from an Iraqi Communist Perspective

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The Iraq War and subsequent occupation was one of the defining events of the past decade. When it came to Iraqis slaughtered, the Americans and their allies blithely pointed out "we don't do body counts". The Lancet estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006.

As of April 29, 2008, the UNHCR estimated that over 4.7 million Iraqis have been displaced, with 2.7 million within Iraq and 2 million outside.