Political Economy

The Capitalist banking Crisis - the tyranny of unregulated markets

Submitted by Administrator on Wed, 01/11/2017 - 15:46

Recorded in 2011. The havoc of finance capital - IMF 1990's scandal BCCI investigation financial crash Barings Bank. Our savings are plugged into markets. Our jobs have been plugged into markets. Politics have been plugged into markets. Markets by their definition are unstable and volatile.

If we are looking for change, we must look to how to undermine the neo-liberal ideology.

Capitalist Economic Crisis - the Causes & Solutions

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This was recorded before the election of the Con-Dem government, but cuts across their often-reported party political rhetoric and condems the actual cause -  the neo-liberal experiments of the past 20 years.

This economic collapse is perhaps as big for Capitalism as the collapse of the Soviet Union and Socialist Bloc was for Communists and progressives.

This is not just an economic - but a political crisis for the Capitalist World, due to the contradictions of Capitalism.

Failure of Neo-liberalism in the Baltic Republics

Submitted by Administrator on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 09:35

Professor Charles Woolfson, respected academic and Communist who lived and worked in the Baltic Republics for some ten years, guides us through the descent of these republics into economic and political chaos through the giant Neo-liberal experiment.

The Baltic States were guinea pigs in a rampant free market & great Neo-liberal experiment, and they are the ones, sadly & ironically, who are paying the highest price for it. 

Recorded late 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland.