Racism & Fascism

Focus on Ukraine - fascist militias, civil war & economic chaos

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Prof John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary, explains what is going on in the Ukraine. Ukraine is a country divided by a civil war that has already killed thousands. The country is also in economic chaos. Inflation is running at over 40 per cent. Average wages for those lucky enough to be employed are around £25 a week. Over half the population is living below the UN-determined poverty level. 

Imperialism in Ukraine & Venezuela

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The construction of anti-socialist NATO & the EU Capitalist club have seen mighty forces arrayed to frustrate any opposition to Western-based capitalist dominance across the world.

Control over world resources & markets is seen as paramount to the old Capitalist order of Western Europe & the United States of America.

The Spanish Civil War & International Brigades

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Young men from across Britain, many who were Communists or sympathetic to their cause, left relative safety at home to go and fight for the Republican Government of Spain who were being attacked by Franco's Fascist forces.
They formed International Brigades (Brigadas Internacionales) and fought heroically, aided by material support by the Soviet Union, who stepped in once it was clear that Fascist Germany and Italy were arming and enabling Franco.


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ANTI COMMUNISM & the Prague Declaration Movement. Powerful forces are at work to rewrite & distort the course of history, equating the horrors & sheer human cost of Fascism and war against it - with the experience of building Socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe. As glossy revisionist histories would have it, "two dictatorial sides of the same coin".