Britain's Road to Socialism

Why Socialism? 1. Age of empires

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Capitalism is economically, socially and politically bankrupt. So argues the new edition of Britain's Road to Socialism (BRS), the Communist Party strategy for a society which puts ordinary people first.

As a system, capitalism no longer makes a progressive contribution to human development. Its sole purpose - to make maximum profit for the private owners of industry and commerce - is exposed, together with its deep general crisis and the suffering it causes.

Britain's Road to Socialism - Simon Steel

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What does it mean to be a Communist in modern day Britain? How do Communists work to achieve a revolutionary change in the society in which we live?
How do Communists act in general and in broader alliances and groups? How important is education to a Communist?

The Communist Party of Britain's program is called Britain's Road to Socialism. Simon Steel, in charge of Marxist educational work and then Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party, leads off a discussion of this program for revolutionary change.