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Communist Party: Report from Vietnam

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Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland on 21st September 2016. A report back from Kenny Coyle from his experiences in Socialist Vietnam. Kenny talks us through the history of this region, it's experiences of Western Imperialism and then in the aftermath it's attempts to build & develop an economy and society which works for all.
What of Vietnam today, and where is it in terms of a Vietnamese road to socialism? Do the Western powers still seek to intervene in this sovereign nation's affairs, particularly as it builds an alternative economic and political model?

South China Sea: Britain’s dangerous post imperial fantasies

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The South China Sea is a Pandora’s box of potentially lethal conflagrations that the US and Britain could conceivably unleash. JENNY CLEGG looks at the conflicting political interests of the region

Recently Britain sent four Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Japan for its first ever joint military drill with the Japanese Air self-defence force — the first time Japanese pilots have flown alongside pilots from another country apart from the US.

Marxism in Asia - Kenny Coyle

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Marxism and the Asian Experience with Kenny Coyle. This meeting marks the publication of the new Communist pamphlet called "Asia, Imperialism and Resistance", written by Kenny who is resident in China.

The pamphlet covers south east and north east Asia (not the whole of the asian continent). The lessons learned there could be applied elsewhere.