What is Communism? 5. China Today

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The Chinese Socialist revolution

Britain’s Road to Socialism Section 3 [July 2011]

Determined not to suffer the same fate [as the Soviet Union], China's communists have placed great emphasis on economic and social development. State power is being used to combine economic planning and public ownership with private capital and market mechanisms. The aim is to build a socialist society in its primary stage.

South China Sea: Britain’s dangerous post imperial fantasies

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The South China Sea is a Pandora’s box of potentially lethal conflagrations that the US and Britain could conceivably unleash. JENNY CLEGG looks at the conflicting political interests of the region

Recently Britain sent four Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Japan for its first ever joint military drill with the Japanese Air self-defence force — the first time Japanese pilots have flown alongside pilots from another country apart from the US.