Focus on Ukraine - fascist militias, civil war & economic chaos

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Prof John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary, explains what is going on in the Ukraine. Ukraine is a country divided by a civil war that has already killed thousands. The country is also in economic chaos. Inflation is running at over 40 per cent. Average wages for those lucky enough to be employed are around £25 a week. Over half the population is living below the UN-determined poverty level. 

Ukraine’s tragic slide into open nazism

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BEN CHACKO charts Ukraine’s tragic slide into open nazism – aided and abetted by Western countries, including Britain

LAST week the United Nations overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the glorification of nazism and practices encouraging racism and intolerance.

The UN was established on the back of the defeat of nazism. As World War II drew to a close, a declaration of war on the “axis powers” of nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperial Japan was a precondition of joining the fledgling UN.

Our comrades in Ukraine need our support now

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ALEX GORDON writes on the critical need for solidarity with the people of Ukraine from the labour movement as they fight against a corrupt regime

THIS coming Friday November 18, Liberation (formerly the Movement for Colonial Freedom) will host a public meeting at London’s Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell, with Ukrainian legislators, lawyers and academics talking about the continued descent of their country into authoritarianism and chaos.