Why Britain needs Socialism? (series)

Intro to Britain's Road to Socialism 2011 ed

Why Socialism? 6. The final piece

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The revolutionary strategy proposed by the Communist Party's programme Britain's Road to Socialism (BRS) is based on the understanding that the state is a machine for the oppression of one class by another.

This is not an over-simplification or a one-dimensional view. Indeed, Marxists have been at the forefront of identifying and analysing the complexities of the modern state and its various functions.

Why Socialism? 5. The new strategy

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Strikes and demonstrations are a constant feature of resistance to capitalist society, but they often proceed in isolation from each other and fail to confront the system itself.

So what is needed to overthrow this cycle of booms, busts and wars orchestrated by a minority of business barons - an arrangement dominated by financial speculators and millionaire politicians who steal the wealth produced by the labour of others?

Why Socialism? 3. Society's gain

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The profit motive on which capitalism is based ensures that crises are endemic in this parasitic system.

Far from solving crises, accumulation, speculation and greed ensure that the merry-go-round of temporary stability is quickly followed by recession.

Social democratic attempts to reform the system have had some positive effects, showing the benefits of public ownership, planning and the redistribution of wealth.

Why Socialism? 2. Principles of power

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It seeks to define present-day relations between economic power and political power, the consequences for the lives of working people and the options that exist for shifting the balance of power in their favour.

The chapter begins by posing the riddle of our democracy. Workers secured the vote almost a century ago. Yet the interests of the very rich remain overwhelmingly dominant - so much so that the distribution of wealth has become even more unequal over the past 50 years.

Why Socialism? 1. Age of empires

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Capitalism is economically, socially and politically bankrupt. So argues the new edition of Britain's Road to Socialism (BRS), the Communist Party strategy for a society which puts ordinary people first.

As a system, capitalism no longer makes a progressive contribution to human development. Its sole purpose - to make maximum profit for the private owners of industry and commerce - is exposed, together with its deep general crisis and the suffering it causes.