World's Communist Heritage

May Day 2016: Celebrating the Easter Rising

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Comrades from the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) came to Glasgow for May Day 2016. This year was the centenary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, so our Irish comrades agreed to co-host a Centenary Celebration with the Communist Party in Scotland (CPB) at our Glasgow offices. It was followed by a great annual Red Bloc May Day Social, where much political discussion followed!

Marxism and the Asian Experience

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Marxism and the Asian Experience with Kenny Coyle. This meeting marks the publication of the new Communist pamphlet called "Asia, Imperialism and Resistance", written by Kenny who is resident in China.

The pamphlet covers south east and north east Asia (not the whole of the asian continent). The lessons learned there could be applied elsewhere.


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ANTI COMMUNISM & the Prague Declaration Movement. Powerful forces are at work to rewrite & distort the course of history, equating the horrors & sheer human cost of Fascism and war against it - with the experience of building Socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe. As glossy revisionist histories would have it, "two dictatorial sides of the same coin".

Socialist Cuba - a report back

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An excellent & wide ranging report back from a Cuba Solidarity Campaign trip to Cuba in 2010 by Jim Whyte, life long British Communist and retired Trade Union studies lecturer.

From the Cuban health service, education, economy, revolutionary councils, elections, democray, reforms - right up to the state of some of the taxi serrvices - Jim tells it as he saw it from his considerable experience in the worker's movement.

Filmed in the STUC, 2011.

Russian Revolution @90 - Moscow, Soviet Union

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Kate Clark was Moscow Correspondent of the Morning Star - the world's only English-language Socialist daily newspaper. Previous the Daily Worker, which was the organ of the Communist Party in Britain 1930 onwards.

This was recorded on the very day 90th anniversary of the Great Socialist Russian Revolution of 1917, at the annual British Communist University run by the Communist Party of Britain and its International sister Parties.